Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis is a classic online tennis game from the Nintendo GameBoy where you play with all the famous characters from the Mario games. You can play various game types and tournaments. With different shot types and correct rules this game is more realistic then one would think.

There are 16 playable characters in Mario Tennis

  • Mario
  • Wario
  • Luigi
  • Waluigi
  • Daisy
  • Peach
  • Toad
  • Baby Mario
  • Birdo
  • Yoshi
  • DK
  • Bowser
  • Para Troopa
  • Boo

And two unlockable characters

  • Shy Guy
  • DK Jr.



Three main tournaments are presented to you in Mario Tennis. You can play them two different ways. In singles mode, where you play by yourself in one on one matches againest AI opponents. Or in Doubles Mode where you get randomly put with an AI teammate to compete in two on two matches. The three tournments are,

  1. The Mushroom Cup

    The first tournament you play, which is very easy and played on a hardcourt.

  2. The Flower Cup

    The second tournament which gives you a harder difficulty, played on a clay court

  3. The Star Cup

    The final tounament played which if very hard unless you are an experienced player. It is played on grass.

    • If you complete the Star Cup in singles you unlock Shy Guy, in doubles you unlock DK Jr. The character you play as also earns a special ability call “star” which can be used in exibition matches to give your player an advantage.




Besides the single player tournaments there are also four other gametypes you can play.

Exibition Match

Playable to up to four human players. You can choose any of the 16 characters to play and can use the star power you earned by completeing the star cup. Various lengths of games can be played, and you can save you game during the middle of it.

Bowser Stage

In this game type you play at Bowser’s temple, on a topsy turvey court, that sway’s left to right. Thier are purple boxes you can hit with your tennis ball, and if you do you unlock and powerup. The powerups are familar to any mario kart fan. Some of them being the banana, red shell, tripple green shell, mushroom, and even star power. You use the powerups by pressing the Z button.


Piranha Challenge

Petey Piranha acts as a tennis ball shooter, shooting countless balls at you in different directions and variations. The point is to hit as many back as possible.


Ring shot

The point of this game is to hit your ball through as many rings as possible. Once you reach a certain number of rings, or the time runs out the game is over.



  • You can save up to three games at a time.
  • There is 4 AI difficulties you can choose while playing an exibition game. Easy, normal,hard, and intense.
  • Up to four player co-op
  • Unlockable courts and players.
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