Tennis Ace Game Info

Tennis Ace is a great free online tennis game from Miniclip where you play the best of five games and beat all three challengers and take home the Gold Cup. The rules are similar to a regular tennis match, (see general tennis rules below). You can play three different game modes; Nicole bronze cup (Easy) Anna silver cup (medium) and Claudia gold cup (Hard). Also remember when you choose a Court, Clay has more bounce and is slightly slower than the fast Grass Court surface.

General tennis rules: Service: Each player takes a serve in turn after each game, the ball must be served into the service box, from right to left, then left to right and so forth. If you miss your first serve you get a second serve. If a ball hits the net and goes over into the correct service area, a "let' is given and the serve taken again. Return: The ball returned must be hit on the volley or after one bounce and must land and within the singles court lines. If the ball lands outside the singles line area or hits the net and doesn't go in a point is awarded to the opposition. Points: To be awarded a point your opponent must miss the ball or hit the ball out. The scoring system goes, O, 15 ,30, 40 if you score the winning point on 40 you win the game. In the occurrence of 40-40 or "Deuce" the game then goes to "Advantage" the first player to win a point on "Advantage" wins the game.

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